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Our year end passed and I’m very glad to see again a great performance and results of PARCOL group.

PARCOL group was successfully on OIL & GAS including the new orders for CHOKE valves, DESALINATION application, UREA and as usually on POWER application.

Our win of the 1200 MW supercritical technology project undertaken for the first time in Vietnam is significant in that the safety engineering aspect has taken a big step forward in terms of recognizing the high experience selection the right design and materials, historically, with the perfect execution of the Severe Service Turbine By Pass control valves.  PARCOL systems’ ability to engineer a system to meet the ever-increasing safety demands made a significant contribution to our success on this project.

We continue to push forward with our OIL & GAS development programs and are pleased to announce that, following successful trials, our Severe Service Choke valves was installed for a new “off shore” platform application. The performance was monitored closely throughout the last summer period and our customers was very confident in our technology and about the final outcome. 

Continuing the Company growth, PARCOL invested in new businesses and technologies that can improve the relations with YOU.

PSV (www.psvvalves.com)  with focus on Safety Valves just started operation on November 2016.

We are now entering a busy period and we are ready to start a new successfully 2017 with PARCOL Severe Service Control Valves.


May I thank you again for your continued support.


Flavio Ricotti

General Manager

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