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Desalination Plant

Desalination Plant

‚ÄúDesalinition‚Ä̬†refer to any of several processes that remove some amount of¬†salt¬†and other¬†minerals¬†from saline¬†water.

The Energy consumption of sea water desalination can be as low as 3 kWh/m3, including pre-filtering and ancillaries, therefore efficiency, reliability and availability of all equipment is a winning choice. All PARCOL INTERNATIONAL  control valves have the highest level of reliability and therefore were shots often seen in all the major Multi Effect Distillation (MED) and Multi Stage Flash (MSF) plants in the world.

PARCOL Group can provide solution for Brine Dp, Brine Recirculation, Steam to brine heater, sea water make up, Steam Conditioning valves, Butterfly Modulating Valves.

PARCOL INTERNATIONAL  provides metal seated triple eccentric valves and double eccentric butterfly soft seated valves, in large sizes for several applications for low pressure steam as well as seawater isolation, on brine, some combined on-off / Non-return valves for Pump protection on Desalination Plants.

Proven applications in Desalination Plants Include:

  • Steam Turbine Bypass to Process¬† (Process Header to Desalination units)
  • Steam Conditioning from Process Header to individual MED and MSF units.
  • Boiler/HRSG Attemperators
  • Boiler Feed water regulation
  • Auxiliary Steam Conditioning
  • Exhaust or Extraction Desuperheating to Process header.
  • Steam Vent Valves
  • Large Steam Header Isolation Valves (Butterfly Valves)


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