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Continuing with our expansion program the new offices in Lugano/Switzerland are now fully functioning in supporting our front end sales quotations. Predominately for the Far East Region, Japan,  South Korea, Australia, Russia and South America  but also acting as main technical sales office for the Swiss Engineering Companies as well as key accounts for many other customers.

PARCOL INTERNATIONAL team is  able to provide a complete and effective techno-commercial quotation to our customers, from initial enquiry through to contract award and order launch to manufacturing.

PARCOL INTERNATIONAL arises from the need to internationalize the presence of the "group" PARCOL in market areas where applications "severe" are required.

The technical and commercial activities and the management of orders through this new structure has allowed the group to expedite all operations and to respond to customers in their own languages as well as in management in a professional manner and on time to the various requirements of our customers.

PARCOL INTERNATIONAL is also the administrative center of the various "branch" offices that the group has decided to open in strategic countries and the collection point for the activities of the various PARCOL "autorized service centers" in the world.

PARCOL INTERNATIONAL is definitely a meeting point for customers who need the answers ready, professional for "Severe Service applications" that are equally Control Valves, Ball Valves and Butterfly Valves Control.

60 years of history, technology, innovation and independence is what distinguishes the group PARCOL compared to other manufacturers ……Responsive, Communicate and Deliver.

Today the company is internationally renowned and appreciated for its skill in producing control valves, from the simplest to those for more heavy duty purposes, presenting very critical challenges such as low noise levels, anti-cavitation, high differential pressures, high temperatures, service on toxic fluids and cryogenics,  Antisurge Control Valves, Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves, Ball Control Valves, Severe Service Chokes valves and Turbine by Pass systems.  

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